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ADAK is a move forward for developing technology applications that make life easier for us. In the era of technology, we want to be the leading supplier of unique and efficient products that are produced by the elites of different countries, and we develop it and make it available to everyone. Please download the following file for more information about Adak and Products

Who Is Adak

Creating a new generation of intelligent life experiences; making the world a smarter, faster, and more accessible world for all Apart from its great goals, ADAK is based on transparency and honesty, and, along with its growth, as much as it can, helps the world around itself to grow and achieve their dreams

Human; nothing on the ADAK will have as much value as human beings. Neither money nor power Distribution of power and struggle with Oligarchy; In the Adak, we are following the division of power in any way and at any cost. We tried to define our structures in such a way as to separate from individual and class decision-making as far as possible, and to replace group decisions with individual decisions. All groups must have the highest decision-making power in their respective areas.There should be no absolute power

Becoming the leading innovator and technology of day-to-day gadgets globally. ADAK will be entirely seamless to develop its portfolio of products, as long as it becomes one of the leading technology companies in the world

Smart and innovative solutions for the convenience of social life with day-to-day technologies and coordination with High Consumption hardware. We will strive to build a smart world. There are thousands of ways, which is better? We certainly do not know, but our path is to create sustainable development with the help of producing and exporting a scientifically and technologically advanced product. A product of which the world looks at its state of the art proudly, and people enjoy their use

Essential Commitments

Transparency 90
Customer privacy 100
Faithfulness to morality 96
The free flow of knowledge 95

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